This past weekend I spent throwing down in Arlington, Texas for an awesome ranger game and of course to pay my respects for Brother Dime. I decided to do 1 blog instead of 2, I came across this video of Scott Ian Of Anthrax and Kerry King Of Slayer sharing some of their Dimebag memories.

First off I would like to say this about the Moore Memorial Garden located at 1219 North Davis Drive in Arlington, Texas, that they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I was very reluctant to walk into their office to ask for some help to find out where Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott was laid to rest but I went inside and was greeted and welcomed by the staff. They were very helpful in helping locating Brother Dime's final resting place.


As I made my way to his resting place I have to brag on just how beautiful this place is. When I got to his resting place I found myself over come with emotion and happiness. His grave was not littered or destroyed just token and guitar picks that people have left during their time with Dime.


I really hope that you can make that trip to Arlington and see where Dime is resting, I know he will appreciate it.

RIP Brother Dime.......