So Kevin Harvick won the race, but that seems to be overshadowed by first, the brawl that took place between Jeff Gordon and his crew against Clint Bowyer and his crew, then second, the post-race interviews.

Phoenix is known for its hot climate, and things sure did heat up on Sunday afternoon.

After a wreck, which was basically initiated by Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer's crew came over to his transporter and the two crews, with Gordon in the middle, got into quite a brawl. Bowyer exited his car and ran as fast as he could to the scene.

Keselowski, the points leader as of now, made a point to say that the wreck was ridiculous and unnecessary, yet he dropped F-bombs in the process on live TV.

As Harvick came away with a victory for the team he's going to be parting with after this season, it seems that Homestead will be another breeding ground for trouble.

We'll see next week, but for now, check out the video...