After what seems like a million attempts to come up with something to follow up South Park, Comedy Central finally has a hit with "Key & Peele". The gentlemen have made a killer slide from being on Mad T.V. to hosting a show of their own. So far they are best know for their "Obama Anger Translator" , but they have tons of great skits. Comedy Central is now issuing 'preview' skits from each show. This episode on "Dubstep" is pretty funny. More after the jump.



Great comedy always exposes some truths.  My favorite part of this is when one guy starts picking on the 'other' for not understanding or liking a new form of music (who hasn't been through that?).  Key & Peele is on ever Wednesday Night right after South Park.  It's a sketch show. D.V.R. it and fast forward through the stuff you don't like, you'll find plenty that you do.  Also, Key & Peele will be our guests Friday on the RockShow!