KCBD is reporting that the ordeal over Victor Hernandez is NOT Over:

On Thursday morning the City Council will talk behind closed doors about what to do next concerning Hernandez' eligibility to serve in office.

I for one am hoping that the city council does the right thing and removes him from office.  This is a matter of more than principle, it's a matter of written law.  At issue is a clause in the Lubbock charter that says people who owe the city money are not eligible to serve.  Hernandez makes the absolute ridiculous and asinine claim that the clause refers to other types of debt and not taxes.  This is definitely one of those "how stupid do you think we are?" moments.  It's not like you can owe the city money in many other ways than taxes.  Maybe a lapsed weed cutting bill or something?

Here's the situation that the self-serving and egotistical Hernandez is putting us in:

*If we do nothing, the city could be sued for every single decision it makes based on Hernandez's eligibility.

*If we eject Hernandez we could be sued for all decisions that he was a part of, plus he will no doubt sue to get his council position back.

My opinion is simple.  He was not eligible, he should be a gentleman, resign his position honorably, get his financial house in order and run for the office all over again.   Just because he wasn't eligible before, does not make him ineligible now.  This is what a man of scruples would do.  I feel that Hernandez has neither the class or the dignity to do the right thing and instead will continue to fight an obvious law at our expense and on our time.