Boy this video is all over and it should be.  The kid in video reportedly named Jeff Bliss (from various sources around the web).  Apparently he's upset that his teacher just comes in and hands out "packets", which I assume are workbooks or something.  If that's truly the case, then he deserves to be upset.  More after the jump.

Apparently this video is from Duncanville Texas who's slogan is "Engaging Hearts & Minds" which is about as far from what this teacher is apparently doing as possible.  As for their part, the school district is only saying the student could have handled his complaints "more appropriately".  That's a load of happy horsecrap if you ask me.  I guaranty that if this kid complained to an administrator that "Miss so an so just sits around and doesn't teach" that he would have got NO action.  So to Jeff Bliss I say, 'YOU KICK ASS'.  It's about time a student called a lazy teacher out for not teaching.  I wish I would have done it to some of them myself.  And to the Duncanville Independant School District, you just got D.I.S.seD!