For reasons out of our control, Kill Devil Hill featuring Rex Brown of Pantera and Down will not be at the Big Purple Party. The good news is we filled the spot with a band called Lesser Key which features Paul D'Amour, the original bassist for Tool.

Wes and I were joking around because he knows my history with Rex Brown and he said, "Hey, we just replaced the Pantera bass player with the Tool bass player" which is totally correct.

Paul D'Amour played bass on Tool's album "Undertow" and was a part of Tool from 1990 - 1995 before he decided to pursue other options. In my opinion Paul D'Amour wrote the most recognizable bass line in heavy music in the last 20 years. "Sober" is a classic, and we will get to see for ourselves here in Lubbock an original member of an iconic band.

Lesser Key is based out of LA and according to their bio on Facebook Lesser Key represents an exploration into personal and artistic freedom.

I look forward to seeing Lesser Key live and watching a founding member of Tool throw down here at the BPP.