Killswitch Engage were nominated for Best Metal Performance this past Sunday at The Grammy's and they took a little time to talk with Billboard on red carpet.

This is a pretty funny interview from KsE when being asked about their Grammy nomination. I love how they just came out and said Black Sabbath all the way and the dude doing the interview was like well crazier things have happened and Killswitch straight up said no it's Black Sabbath and to everyone's surprise Black Sabbath took home The Grammy.

I was very stoked to see The Grammy's do a little more with the rock/metal category. Past Grammy's we have seen or shall I say not seen any rock or metal band, unless its Foo Fighters or Dave Grohl.

I was actually impressed with The Grammy's giving rock/metal a little credit this year.

Checkout the video of Killswitch engage on red carpet at this years Grammy's.