When you hear about rock stars, it normally has to with drugs, drinking, and wild sex with different women in every city. Not to kill that image or anything, but the guys from Killswitch were the complete opposite of what people think of when they think backstage antics at a rock show.

This past Tuesday when Killswitch Engage returned to Lubbock, with their original lead singer Jess Leach, they started the afternoon off in wild rocker fashion by joining a few listeners, myself and a few other station employees at a good old fashion cookout.

After about 3 hamburgers, 7 hotdogs, and a dozen pieces of corn each, it was time for the guys to get ready for the show.

At the cookout, Killswitch guitarist Adam D was well mannered, soft spoken, and polite. But once he hit the stage, he turned into a fret melting rock god who carried on a raunchy banter with the crowd as he playfully enticed everyone to join him in wishing his band mate a happy birthday.

It's really cool to see how these guys morph into rock stars as they walk on stage and how, as they walk off turn back into normal young men.

Check out the video...