So the Heathen and I went to our local "Laredo Taco Company" inside Stripes.  At this point I have to tell you that no, I'm not getting paid by Stripes to write this, and HELLS YES those two dollar tacos rock (although I don't know why they call burritos "tacos", I still don't get that).  On the way out we saw a video display showing the KISS scratch-offs.  Knowing how much Heathen hates KISS, I thought I'd grab a couple.  More after the jump.

 (As you can see, I won the prize known as "jack sh!t")

So in case you're an actual KISS fan, there are two different pictures on the tickets (shown), basically a full portrait and a "bust" type shot of the four.  Now, back to regular players, the ticket offers 1:4.18 odds at up to $35,000.  When you get right down to it, it's not that great of a ticket, except (back to you KISS fans again) that you can send your non-winning tickets in for a chance to meet the band or win some signed merch.  I guess on some level it's cool to have a second chance to win, but on the other hand, somebody like Heathen could say "only losers get to meet KISS" since it is for non-winning tickets.

Heathen and I did agree on one thing though, the best thing about a KISS lottery ticket is-you don't have to listen to it.  Snarf!  (We also made some jokes about the 'scratching' and Gene Simmons having crabs, but I can't remember the sum total of that joke).

All in all, if I was a KISS fan, I think I'd buy a couple tickets and NOT scratch them off, then again, there could be $35K in winnings behind there and that would buy enough to buy a couple of KISS caskets and some of that other nonsense they have out there.