Check out this video of Korn taking some time to make Tyler Sims dream come true along with some help from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

How could you not dig a video like this, I mean it is really cool to see a band like Korn taking some time for a fan. I have met some of the members from Korn and they seem very genuine when I have met them, which is very rare in this business of Rock And Roll. I mean come on they are Korn, they don't have to take any time for anybody and yet they still connect with their fans and us here in radio. I give huge props to Korn and what they continue to do in heavy music.


Tyler Sims suffer from the disease Lupus and has been a fan of Korn since he was 10 years old. Check out the video and take some lessons from Korn and do some good to those around you.