It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years since Korn jumped on the scene and grabbed the reins as one of the highest-energy, groundbreaking bands in rock history. The band has decided to celebrate the debut album's 20th anniversary by playing it live all the way through.

This phenomenon isn't uncommon, as acts such as Metallica have also done a tribute to days gone by in this way as well. Still, it's very cool to see this band perform a damn good album that kicked off a stellar trek for this band.

Singer Jonathan Davis recently dropped details about the new tour that they'll be showcasing their anniversary celebration, dubbed the "Prepare For Hell Tour" with Slipknot. Davis states that the band will bring a "heavier setlist" along, but still keep a "party vibe" to simply be a bit different than Slipknot.

Either way, it'll be awesome to see how the entire debut album sounds live, so stay tuned.