I'm "eating some words" here.  I initially said that the three Skrillex tracks on the new Korn "The Path To Totality" c.d. were the only good ones.  I'm going to add this one to the list, and after this, I'm going to go back and give the c.d. a couple more listens.  What makes this stick out a little less than the Skrillex tracks (Get Up, Narcissistic Cannibal, Chaos Lives In Everything) is the way it's mixed.  The dub elements on this track are very much in the front of the mix while a very cool melody from Jonathan Davis is mixed into the background.  More after the jump.

Anyways, this is the track that the record company is picking as the bands next "single". It's called "Way To Far".



And this is my favorite track off the c.d. "Chaos Lives In Everything".

Which do you prefere