L.I.S.D. needs quicker, more reactive management and needs to focus on where dollars are best spent. I've seen kitchens with equipment from the 40's or 50's. Many of the libraries suffer from decades of being passed over for funds. Teachers are leaving for better jobs in and out of teaching. So how is the answer budget cuts? In my opinion, the fewer layers of management between the school and the money the better. Read more and check out a classic video with the Muppets and Alice Cooper.

I can't say that budget cuts of any sort are a good thing in education, I can only say that the flow of money should be looked at every once in a while. After these job cuts we'll know in a short period of time how it affects the education of L.I.S.D. students. Education is very much a business, and we need to make sure we're getting the best value for our dollar. Let's not forget it was the Central Office that overpaid (like crazy) for the A-Ivies building on Q in order to expand their operations. This now feels a little bit like their arrogance and overspending biting them in the butt.

In the end, if we feel like students are suffering at all we should re-staff and work on plans to raise funds and use the funds we have more efficiently. In the interim, like any business, L.I.S.D. needs to tighten it's belt.  Read the full story on the cuts from KFYO.