A fight at a show in 2010 comes back to haunt Lamb of God front man Randy Blythe.

After showing up in the Czech Republic for a show scheduled tonight, police brought Randy Blythe in for questioning about a fight that happened in 2010.  Apparently, last time the band made there way to the Czech Republic, a fan jumped on stage and started a fight with Randy.  The fight got pretty intense and the guy that started it died a few days later from the injuries.

Blythe's lawyers insist that he is being wrongly accused and are working to get him exonerated.  This isn't the first time we have heard about fans starting fights with rock stars or the other way around.  It is however the first time in a while  I can remember the charges being this severe.  Of course there are going to be questions about self defense, but at this point we can just hope that everything goes well for Randy and that the band will be able to put this behind them as they tour for their new "Resolutions" album.