It's amazing what we have to go through each day.  Not just us at FMX, but all of us.  Some people just wake up with a giant stick up their rears and have to take it out on anyone else.  We made people VERY happy with our announcement of three pretty awesome shows at the FMX Purple Party, but I guess some people will whine no matter what.

This was posted under our announcement for Rob Zombie & Korn (which is really an amazeballs double bill).





Why is that even necessary?  At the time I wrote this over 48,000 had viewed the post. These were the ONLY negative remarks.  Needless to say I went ahead and banned the loser, but let's go a little further in depth.  First, I've been dealing with losers like this my whole life. They used to talk trash and hang up the phone, now they write threats from the comfort of their keyboards.  Whatever. I saw four d.j.s up there and this assclown couldn't take the smallest and drunkest of us all (which would probably be Heathen who still goes 6'2" and 200+ pounds).  Now, would the Deftones have come if FMX hadn't been involved?  Absolutely not. I'm not even going to explain this one again.  Does FMX suck?  Well, most things that suck do not stick around for 33 years, plus about 5000 of those 6000 people out there at the concert seemed to have some of purple on them which I would say shows we get a little bit of support.  Lastly, can we ALL give up on the homophobic slurs?  They're just not necessary.

You guys have given me tremendous support and really encouraged me to ignore these haters and I usually do. It just gets underneath my skin that we had all those shares and tons of positive comments and somebody feels like they have to piss all over your good time.  Anyways, this guy isn't alone. There's a few out there who just can't let other people be happy.

Rooster, Wes, Driver, Terry from Filter, Lane Arnold, Heathen & Gunner Driver

I want to end this with something positive. I honestly don't believe we were ever shown as much love and appreciation as we were at the FMX Big Purple Party.  I myself took pictures, hugged, kissed, or just shook hands with COUNTLESS people.  That's just me too and I know I can be very polarizing due to my outspoken nature.  I want to thank all of you for your sunshine, it makes me forget about dim bulbs like this guy.  Let's all learn a lesson from this too. There is no reason to be hateful.  I don't like okra. I don't send okra hate mail. I just don't have okra. Pretty easy, right?