I offer no real "science" or "facts" in this blog, only observations. I was all over town on Saturday and the damage from those straight line winds is a lot worse than what you might think. 

So the television news only gives you an overview of a story. In the case of last weeks storms, it wasn't even a blip compared to the widespread damage Lubbock suffered. Without really looking for it, a friend and I noticed all kinds of problems around town. One big problem is apparently the large plastics signs. We notice signs missing for Rosa's on 50th and the shopping center where Rudy's and Guitar center are (among many others). We noticed uprooted trees all over the place, and some of them huge. A friend said his shop at University and Erskine had it's roof peeled off. Out at the Amp they lost giant chunks of roof and we had a bunch of stuff destroyed at Nightmare on 19th, including a building about half the size of a 7-11 completely blown over to lie resting face down.

One of the most surprising and "telling" things to us was a trip to the Home Depot. The Home Depot was completely sold out of thin plywood. This tells me that people had to board up a lot of things. We also saw tons of people buying fencing and random boards to prop things up.

The thing is that there were a few places that suffered major damage (like Ashley Furniture), but the REAL eye opener is how widespread the damage was all over town. It's like very few people escaped without suffering some problems or at least having them close nearby.

What about you? Did you lose a tree or a fence, is your work messed up? Drop us a comment.