With school back in session all over the South Plains, that means more cars on the road everyday. If you stop and think about how many people go to Tech, LCU, Wayland, and all the Jr. Colleges around here, that means a lot more cars not only on the roads but also in parking lots.

As some of  know, I'm not a circle and park person, I refuse to drive around a parking lot 8 times just to get a spot close to the door.

Today. I was reminded of another of my pet peeves of the oh so popular inconsiderate drivers we have in this town.

This goes out to all the people who take up more than one parking space to prevent other people from hitting their doors.

I totally get not wanting to have scratches and dings all over your car, few things are as maddening as walkng up to your car, and seeing the jack wagon who parked next to you put a big ding in your door.

However, taking up more than one space is not really the best way to "prevent" this from happening.

Today. I came out of a business on 82nd and some jack hole had parked their "manivan" ( complete with 22 inch wheels and dark window tint and a sticker on the back window that said BALLER ) parked in not one, not two, not three, but FOUR parking spaces right up front.

My advice to this person... Parking like that is a sure fire way to make sure people go out of their way to do either block you in or ding your freaking car!

Are you kidding me it's a minivan not a Fisker Karma!