I was reading a story on Everything Lubbock that really irked me. The latest surveys show over 58% of Texans are in favor of legalizing marijuana and 61% support decriminalization.  Even with that, State Rep Charles Perry says he's "not budging" in his stand against it.  Wait a minute....doesn't "representative" mean that you "represent" the will of the people?


The article goes on to say it could be a decade or more before Texas has legal pot and Perry thinks it will be closer to two decades.  Well, if everyone is in agreement that it's going to happen at sometime, why are we jailing people today?

This is just another chance for you guys to "gut-check" your vote.  Are your representatives really standing up for what you want?  If you're "pro-pot", you can't be voting for hard-headed people like this that don't get the message.  Colorado, Washington and soon many others are going to be kicking our asses on something we all agree is going to eventually happen.  Our farmers could be making a mint and we all benefit from that.

And for those of you don't agree, let me just say that pot is no more responsible for "moral decay" than a new brand of beer is.   It's just another option for adults to enjoy when they want to blow off some steam and relax.  It's time we quit jailing adults for it and it's time we join the party.