Newsflash. "Christmas" has not always been "Christmas". It started out as "Saturnalia" and "Yule" WAY before the time of Christ. One of the highlights of the festival of Saturnalia is that the slaves were treated to a banquet of the type that was usually reserved for their owners. This, is the true reason behind the season, giving to those who aren't as fortunate as you.


I detest what Christmas has become.  To me it's just people buying other people hunks of plastic using their plastic cards and sometimes even buying them plastic cards.  Oh, let's not forget, those things are wrapped and put under a plastic tree too.  It's now a holiday were spoiled kids get everything they want and greedy adults get more than they need.

I'm no grinch.  For the last 15 years I've had the wife take care of the usual Christmas nonsense and I pick a charity to help.  Lately I like to donate to "The Haven". It's a "no-kill" animal shelter and they give homes to a lot of dogs looking for homes and a lot of dogs that are not adoptable for one reason or another.

In addition to helping the less fortunate, Saturnalia was also a "festival of light".  I like Christmas lights. I like the sounds of the season. I like that most people are usually a little nicer than usual.  It's just (and I REALLY hate to sound like a hippie) detest the materialism that is now a part of the holiday.  This year, maybe you can join me and buy one less gift for someone who doesn't need it and instead buy a gift or make a donation to someone who does.