I was talking to my Dad the other day and he told me that he was having a pretty crappy week. When I asked him what was going on he told me that someone had stole his bicycle. And when I was listening to the Rock Show this morning a lady had called in saying that her radio was stolen! What is going on here.

I guess I will never understand someone that steals, and granted there is different levels of stealing so let's look at some examples.

1 - Someone that is in the grocery store and just can't stand to walk by the grapes without having to indulge. Now this is pretty minor just about as minor as it gets. It's pretty harmless but stealing no less.

2 - The work Steal - being at your place of work and either getting a pen or whatever else. Still this isn't very nice but not an extreme form of stealing.

3 - Now the worst of the worse is just the straight up thieves, someone that has no respect for other people's property and steals for personal gain. Perfect examples are the person responsible for stealing my ol' man's bike or person for stealing the ladies radio. Here in Lubbock there has been some situations where people just can't remember that golden rule, if it isn't yours then leave it alone.

This isn't food for thought or anything like that because if you need to think about any of this then you probably need a smack upside the head.