You may be wondering who in the hell Letters From The Fire is; well, get prepared to meet them. A San Francisco band that grew up on high-octane Metallica and Megadeth, know how to bring some big noise. Letters From The Fire joins Trapt and Veer Union on Thursday night in Dallas.

The bands will play at Trees, as they kick-off Trapt's "Self-Titled" tour, featuring the entire first Trapt record played in its entirety.

Letters From The Fire, one of the openers, has been on a campaign from San Fran to Dallas, making stops on the way. Lubbock was graced with their presence Wednesday afternoon, and I must say these dudes are the real deal. Very cool, humble, yet dedicated to their craft.

The band has a single out, a familiar song, a cover of the Beatles famous "Eleanor Rigby". Check it out below...