Only in Texas would a candidate have to retract being cool. Lieutenant Governor candidate Dan Patrick wanted to show the world his bigotry, only he messed up.

This once again falls into the territory I've mentioned before: that politicians will create a problem, then offer themselves as the solution.  I'm not buying it.

So in an attempt to scare the straights into voting, conservative Dan Patrick sent out a Tweet, but it didn't come out the way he wanted.

Screenshot via @BrettLoGiurato on Twitter

So now that we've had a chuckle at what he tweeted, let's think about the b.s. he wanted to put out there. I am sure many of you are of the "conservative" nature, but it's time to quit worrying about "non-issues" like this. Whether gay people get married or not has no impact on your life or the general well being of society. There is no place for this hate and discrimination.  Please tell all of your politicians to stick with budgets or jobs or even foreign affairs and quit worrying about what people do with their naughty bits.