Who doesn't love a good Sunday barbeque?  How about a nice burger from your favorite fast food place?  They all have one inherent flaw, you can't make them better.

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There is something that happens on a cosmic level when you put the bun on top of your burger. It's like the whole thing gets sealed on a molecular level.  It's locked in, sealed down and structurally sound. Where this becomes a problem is if you want to add to your burger. Whether you need a little more mustard, or to add some pickles, the burger never goes back together correctly.  Burgers that you try to reconstruct are like putting a Jenga tower together with a missing piece, or when you need a cross in Tetris and you keep getting a damn rectangle. It just doesn't work.

This is why this blog is called "Life Is Hard". You go from having one of the best things in the world into a slippery, sliding, whack-ass mess that you can hardly get in your face-hole.