A CNN International poll gives Congress a 10% approval rating. That's about half of what they had less than a month ago.  Somewhere along the line a group of congressmen decided it was their job to fight the so-called "Obamacare" and apparently haven't worked on anything other than that.  Their plan has obviously backfired and it really reminds me of a scene from a classic movie.

YouTube                 Little Big Man


Now, I know we're not in "Obama Country", but the fact is, in the same poll, the President's approval rating came in at around 47%.

The problem is again is "contrarians".  They don't care what the bossman says, they're going to say the opposite. If you told them "hey you look good today", they'd call you a liar. My take on this whole deal is, why not give it a chance to work?  There will be a new President in a couple years and that person can change, repeal or whatever.  If a person gets put in charge by the majority of the people, we should at least give his ideas a chance to rise or sink.

It all reminds me of this scene from the UBER-CLASSIC movie "Little Big Man".  It's about a brave who  becomes a "contrary".  Oh, and don't let politics (either side) keep you from watching this clip from a great, classic movie.