This Saturday the RockShow will have a special hour for little kids to show off their costumes and pick up a little candy and Halloween swag.  We'll have little area roped off on the Nightmare on 19th Street midway where kids can hit 'trick or treat' stations, take pictures and show off their costumes.  We may even have some Halloween story readings if it's not too chaotic.  More after the jump.


This little event is specially designed for the under 11 group that doesn't really have any place to trick or treat anymore. The world has taken the Halloween we knew as kids and pretty much ruined it.  This is our first year for this event, so we have no idea how many kids we can take care of, so we're doing by time. From six p.m. to seven p.m. we'll try to keep the treats flowing. We have some excellent sponsors like Sonic and Culligan that are going to help our treats go a little further and bring out mascots to take pictures with. We'll have some popcorn popping and a few other people in costume to visit with.

We personally don't think your kids should have to go to 'fall festivals' instead of celebrating Halloween.  We don't think they should be 'all dressed up' with no place to go.  By having this event on this Saturday the 20th, we also want to have you freed up for your own Halloween fun closer to the actual holiday.

There is no charge for this event, we're just going to open the gates and hope everyone behaves in a responsible manner.  We know there is a chance that some many go away disappointed, so maybe stash a couple pieces of candy in your pocket just in case.  Your kids will still love the festive atmosphere and fun.

We are in the rear area of the Lone Star Events Center at 602 East 19th. Once again, the event is Saturday 6-7.  At 7 we'll have to start getting ready for our evening scares.