I have long had a problem with KCBD and it's segment "Consider This".  The problem with this particular segment in my eyes is that it could be used as an agent for change and improvement in the HUB. Until this point, it was mostly "pats on the backs" and topics that were guaranteed to get the home crowd cheering.  In fact, I gave the host the nickname "Pandering Dan" after hearing a little too much sucking up.  I even gave up on watching the channel after I felt the manipulating went on too long. That's why it took me so long to hear about this commentary.


The reason this commentary caught my ear was it's skewering of Councilman Victor Hernandez.  That's not the reason I'm giving it props.  The reason I'm giving it props is that is full of PASSION and it's unafraid to step on some toes.  So "Consider This"; it's been far too long since someone in the Lubbock media bravely took a stand and said "let the chips fall where they may".  It's like the "Dan Jackson Automaton" has been replaced by the real guy. Now, I don't expect him to rock the boat with every commentary, but to know he'll step up ever once in a while is reassurance enough that our public airwaves are being put to good use.  Good work.