I always get a little faith in humanity restored when I see the "Look Twice For Motorcycles" messages come out.  On the surface Texas doesn't seem like a very hospital place for "motorcycle freaks", but the road and weather conditions make it pretty ideal.  With that said, you should be looking twice for everybody and not just motorcycles.

Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

I always told my daughter, expect the person next to you to do the most unlikely thing possible.  They just may stop, turn around and head backwards on the Loop and that STILL wouldn't be the strangest thing I've witnessed.   In addition there's other forces at work. Strong winds, animals, flying debris and more can cause other drivers to pull some kind of crazy panicked move.

The secret to staying accident free is simple: pay attention.   I've seen people swerve violently to avoid scraps of paper.  This tells me they weren't paying attention, otherwise they would have had time to mentally process that just driving through it or over it would have been the best course of action.

There's another problem people seem to have a problem with and that is the difference between doing the right thing and the legal thing.  Yeah, you can be legally right if you plow ahead, but if you take a more cautious, considerate tact, then you'll be less likely to be in an accident.

I'd like to wrap up by expanding on the "considerate tact" that I just mentioned. Heathen recently had a problem where he was merging to the right and the lady on his right started moving up trying to block him from merging even though he was already half way in her lane.  What is the point of that type of behavior?  I guaranty that lady wasn't on her way to heart surgery and she could have caused a wreck or really could have had her ass beat by a lesser man.  Why be a dick?   Have a little consideration and maybe people will have some consideration for you.

So please pay special attention to our biker buds but most importantly, look twice for everybody!