I don't know if 'looping' has a cool internet name.  In radio and in music production, 'looping' is when you take a sample of music and run it back to back to back.  Most rap songs are built on one or more "loops" and sometimes us regular d.j.s will loop a little bit of music so we have a cool background bed of music to put under commercials.   On the internet, there's a new trend of taking a particularly odd or memorable moment from a movie or t.v. show and looping it over and over.  More after the jump.

There are some 'loops' out there that kind of understand.  I would watch a loop of Kari from Mythbusters bending over for hours (okay, really about five minutes).  Anywhoo, there seems to be a challenge out there on 'how long can you stretch out' a stupid moment.  In the case of our demonstration video, a guy loops the old man from the Simpsons singing the old cheesy song "Lollipop" for 57 minutes (and the sample is about seven seconds).  See how long you can watch it before you go crazy.


I couldn't find the 'loop' with Kari's butt, but here's the vingnette in case got you thinking about it.