I don't know much about this situation. I just know when taxpayers are getting a raw deal.  Think about what you could be for $700 K.  How about 20 cars?  7 houses? A few college educations?  You do the math based on the way you live and figure it out.

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Here's the problems for us regular folks in the Dirt City. This is rich people playing rich peoples games. The city knows that this guy has just enough money already to sue our butts off and cost us tons in legal fees, so it's cheaper to make him go away.

Here's what REALLY bothers me though.  The termination agreement has a "no claw back" clause. That means "no give backs" to folks like me and you. What it means is that if he is found guilty of criminal wrongdoing in his management at LP&L, we can't get our money back.  Who puts that in a severance agreement?  My answer would be, someone who thinks they're going to be found guilty of something.  That's pure speculation but I'd be embarrassed to have to have that in an agreement.  Can you imagine a burglar ransacking your house then the police making you pay him to go away?  Now, my sincere apology to this man is innocent of everything, but his lawyers sure didn't make it seem like he was innocent with this agreement.

I guess if this guy even suspects he's going to be criminally charged it's best that we did kick his butt out of the door.