There are some shady things going on with Lubbock's power company and the City Council.  What are they?  Well, that's the problem. There's several explanations out there and they don't appear to stick with any one of them. The bottom line is people were hit out of nowhere with giant bills.  Now we've heard everything from "they were previously underbilled", to "scheduled rate increase" to "user fees" to whether they were going to wave the payment plan fee or not.  Now somebody else is trying to take advantage of the situation.

Evidently some scammers are calling residents telling they they are with LP&L and demanding payment over the phone.  For their part, LP&L says that when you're late you'll only get an automated call with precise information on what you owe.  LP&L says there is an exception that if you pay on time for twelve months, then you're suddenly late that a live person may call you.  So what they're saying is, "a live person will not call you unless we have a live person call you".  No wonder this situation is totally, completely FUBAR.

It's my hopes that one of these days I can become a spokesman for a company like this.  Their biggest problem is that they are no giving crystal clear answers to some questions that really don't seem that tough.  Someone needs to get in there and get answers and both the people and the company will be in better shape because of it