The city council (without the mayor) has officially decided to waste our time and tax dollars on an almost unenforceable ban on synthetic marijuana.  Those who sell the substance already have other formula's ready to go.  Even the council acknowledged that this product is a moving target and one councilperson actually suggested they review the ban (to included variations) every six months to a year.  *Facepalm*


As one head shop owner put it "we have an 18 and over policy and here and when you force this product to the 'streets' they don't have that policy. Our city leaders have proven that they will vote on the side of ignorance in order to enact a 'feel good' law. They've just created another criminal enterprise.  In addition to variations taking the shelf space of the current stuff, now you'll find it being sold slightly out of town and/or at flea markets. The morons just added to the mystery and intrigue of the substances, not unlike when parental advisory stickers were put on albums.

Let's also not forget the real bottom line here.  We have a group of people who think they know 'whats good for you' and wants to legislate what you can and cannot do with your own body.  Remember this when election time comes around.  Vote these "nannies" and "busybodies" out and put some thinking adults on the council.