Lubbock Online is reporting that Victor Hernandez's may be trading his noose for a loophole. In a concern originally brought up by our sister station KFYO, Hernandez's position was brought into question because he owed back taxes and the city charter states that no one in debt to the city can work for it.  Here's a bit of the article:

Language in the city charter that could remove north and east Lubbock’s councilman from office appeared unconstitutional and would not be presented to court, Lubbock’s District Attorney said in a letter to Mayor Tom Martin sent Monday.

via DA won't take challenge to councilman's office to district court | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

In essence what the opinion is, is since the issue was brought up during the election and he was elected anyways, that the "will of the people" is hard to overturn.

I don't know about you guys, but this is the kind of thing that disgusts me about politics.  It seems even the language of our law protects those in power.  I WAS a Victor Hernandez fan but his treatment of this issue was and is reprehensible.  He should have "fell on his sword" and then ran for re-election.  I hope when it's election time that the hard working people of District 1 that pay their taxes and don't cheat their fellow neighbors run this crook out of office (sorry, but somebody who doesn't pay their taxes is a crook and they are not only stealing from you and me, they make me and you pay more in the long run).  I'd love to hear anyone and everyones thoughts on this one.  I can't even see who in his mind that Victor thinks he should still be in office.

I think at least the title of the video applies.