Here's the problems I have with the County proclaiming today "a day of fasting and prayer".

#1.  It's smoke and mirrors.  It take's your mind and their time off real issues.  Let the churches set aside the day.

#2. It's pandering to religious groups and people of faith.  They want you to think "well ole councilman______ is a good churchgoing man".  They don't want you to think "well old councilman ________did nothing to ensure our drinking water for the future".

#3. Ugh, today is Valentines Day.  Couples tend to go out to dinner on this date-so there goes the fasting.

#4.  If it's so important, why didn't we approve the date in advance so it could be publicized and recognized?

#5.  Anybody else notice it's item "13" on the agenda.  Not exactly 666 but enough of a coincidence to creep you out a bit.