I firmly believe that every person deserves a fair shot at being happy.  Some of you may not even be comfortable with this being posted here. It so, that's okay. Just move onto the next story.  If you are interested in support this community, part of our community, then here's the info on the event.

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Lubbock Gay Pride Festival 2014 The Annual Lubbock Gay Pride festival will be held on August 23rd at the T.T.U. United Spirit Arenas' City Bank Conference Room from 1pm to 10pm. Lubbock pride is a family friendly event, we encourage all ages to attend. In the evenings we do have a drag show and alcohol is served beginning at 6. We want to encourage all ages to attend and enjoy themselves in a friendly environment. Our annual drag show begins at 9pm. An official schedule will be posted closer to the event. During the day we will have local vendors selling all your pride merchandise! Local non-profit organizations and free HIV testing. We also host several guest speakers, as well as different activities through out the day. As we come closer to the event look for more up dates on the pride schedule. Interested in becoming a vendor? We do not charge our vendors to set up. we want to encourage your business or organizations and really aren't there enough fees in the world? We hope you do consider an donation though. Please send us an email in regards to becoming a vendor. All vendors must be to the venue at least on hour prior to doors opening, we also ask that any items you sell not be of a sexual or drug related nature nature.

You may contact Lubbock Pride here.