I was going to get a back tattoo that said "Broken" (I'd just suffered a very tragic loss).  I then thought about the psychological weight of having a negative word to carry around. I've changed the idea to another more positive word and I feel much better about the possibility.  You see, there is no upside to being negative; there is nothing to gain and it marks you as a generally unpleasant person.  No one wants to be around someone who does nothing but complain, even jokingly.

This leads me to a Facebook site I saw slamming Lubbock.  Fun is fun, but I think you should stay positive. I'd encourage you to NOT join in the negativity of the sites that call this town lame or otherwise just slam the Hub. I don't want to stop someone else's fun, but I'm sure they could be creative enough to come up with something that features a more positive spin. If you surround yourself with people just hating on your hometown, you're not going to have much fun here.

With all of that in mind, I started putting together some strong positives that Lubbock has.  I'd really like to suggest that you add to this list through your comments.

Lubbock gets more concerts than Amarillo, Midland-Odessa, Abilene and Wichita Falls combined. (plus, do you think you could ever get this close to the artists in Dallas or Houston?  No Way)

Lubbock has major college sports and even a few minor league ones.

Lubbock has all new, motion and 3-d theater screens coming.

Lubbock has top notch health care.

Lubbock has an amazing selection of restaurants, both locally owned and chains.

Lubbock has a city skate park and at least one private one.

Lubbock has some cool clubs with more coming.

Lubbock has some world class Haunted Houses (My own Nightmare On 19th Street)

Lubbock has a pretty cool radio station (Dallas doesn't).

Lubbock has an airport that'll get you anywhere you need to go.

Lubbock has a great place for boating just ten minutes away.

Lubbock has some pretty cool racing and biking scenes.

Lubbock has at least one frisbee golf course.

Lubbock people are the coolest people around. We are generally polite and friendly.

Yeah, there are some negatives, in fact there's a ton of them, which is no more or no less than any other place.  I constantly poke fun at the stuff here that sucks, but I do not wallow in it.  We have tons of upside here. I'd really like for you guys to add to this article and keep positive about the town.  Most of all, if you don't like it, leave or do something to MAKE IT BETTER.  That's one of the reasons I did/do the haunted houses, I wanted to do something cool and creative in my hometown.  Anybody can be an assh@le and complain, stand up for Lubbock and please comment below.