What happens when you have no identity? People come up with one and it's usually not very flattering. That's why some people refer to Lubbock as "Dirt City". Read more after the break.

When I was coming up everyone referred to Lubbock as "The Hub City" but various groups have tried branding the city in various half-ass ways so that slogan ended up a bit lost. Thus, we are becoming known as "Dirt City". Now that is just an example of how the city needs a literal identity, The city also really needs an emotional identity. Are we "cotton country" still? What about the areas medical centers? How about "Home of Texas Tech"? Maybe we need something more generic like "the friendly city"? All I know is the Buddy Holly thing is played out so that won't work.

So where do we go from here? I really don't know. This is why we supposedly have a chamber of commerce. I really can't think of anything better that describes Lubbock better than "the hub city". It's pretty much perfect; we do serve as the major commerce area for all of the surrounding small towns (and some bigger ones too).


As those of you who read my blogs know, I've been traveling a lot to Abilene and Wichita Falls.  Abilene is known as "Big Country" and Wichita Falls is known for the falls that they built.  It just puts an identity and a face on a town and right now I see Lubbock as a little faceless.  Maybe we could steal a little from Abilene and be "Big SKY Country".

We could go with "the Flat City". Yeah, it's not really a selling point, but  "flat" is better than "dirt".  We could also take a tip from the "dirt" nickname, combine it a little with Tech and call ourselves "The Red City".  That would work behind the scenes, but I'm afraid it's not a big selling point.

So yeah, I'm jabbering at this point,  but that's where our city leaders have left us.  We have no real identity and for a big mouth that seems to always have an opinion, my only opinion is how we are known now kind of sucks.

I'm interested if there's any ideas out there. I know some of you will joke about it or slam the town and that's okay; I know in most cases that comes out of love. Maybe "The Dirt City" isn't so bad.  Maybe detergent companies will come here to film commercials. Bring it on, lets here what you have to say.  Is it bad that "Dirt City" has replaced "Hub City"; does it really matter at the end of the day? You guys have to live here, what would you tell people considering moving here or visiting here?  Comment away!