Well, we've got another candidate for a Bum Steer Award and the beer spills from the New Year haven't even been cleaned up. We've come in at #2 on a list of "10 People Who Already Failed In The New Year."

Source: imgur.com/gallery/Wu3Ahe8

I'm still trying to figure out what you call a kid named "So'Unique Miracle" for short.  I think if I ever meet him, I will call him "Bub" Collegehumor.com is responsible for the photo gallery of fails. Basically the screen cap shows a KCBD report that the first baby of the New Year in Lubbock was named "So'Unique Miracle Randle" (I think random words were pulled out of a hat). The caption at the website says "Whoever named their baby this" as the reason for their inclusion on the "fail" list. But WAIT, the RockShow makes this a double fail, because the maroons at KCBD listed the time of birth on screen as 12:43 P.M. and not the obvious A.M.