Lubbock police have arrested a manager of a local smoke shop because there was synthetic marijuana on site. He doesn't own the store or choose what it sells, but was arrested because he was in charge.  He is now being held on $30K bond.  Seriously.  More after the jump.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Please don't think for a minute that I'm in favor of this garbage, but this is the first volley in a what will be a long, drawn out, expensive legal battle for this young man and the city of Lubbock.  Unfortunately, this "synthetic marijuana" is technically legal in the U.S., so Lubbock's ability to ban it and fine others for possession and use will have to be decided in court.

Even our mayor refused to be a part of the vote to "ban" this substance, but a small group of "concerned citizens" managed to get this piece of feel good legislation pushed through. Unfortunately the council decided to pander to these people for a few votes.

Once again, this substance is bad. I don't agree with it. I just don't think that cops should be forced to deal with such a nonsense issue. Let's not forget, peanut allergies kill more people than this stuff. It's a ridiculous waste of time and manpower to focus in on what people do in their own homes with their own bodies..

Lubbock police held a press conference Thursday to "send a message" with this arrest.  Yes, the city government has put the police in this position.  Think about it, in Boston the the police closed down the town for a manhunt. In West, Texas the police are helping the entire town recover from an on going tragedy.  In Lubbock, the police arrest the manager, and not even the owner, of a cigarette store.  I hope everyone involved is proud.