Okay, so the City Council wanted to discontinue the citizens comments from the video of their meetings.  The concern was that people were just slinging mud and taking potshots at the city and councilmen for no other reason than it was a chance to be on t.v.  Well citizens proved a point, they proved that the council was absolutely right.


First off, I don't care what the people had to say.  The moment they came in costume to the city council meeting, they proved the city councils point.  Any credibility these jackholes had was gone the instance they chose to make a scene.

I don't know what the point of the "Duck Dynasty" get ups was. I fail to see any connection between that nonsense and this little flap at city council.  I guess it's easier to buy a fake beard than a giant banana suit at the last minute?  Or maybe these people think this is some type of "free speech" issue?  I guess people around here think that "free speech" means "TELEVISED free speech".

Anyways, thanks for making Lubbock look like "Stupid City Texas" once again.


**Update. I HAD a picture of the in their stupid little costumes as part of this post. Then I realized they don't even deserved that much attention.  Clowns.