KCBD is reporting that the City Council will consider a request to survey damage at the old police station and begin identifying possible locations for a new one.  I'm going with they are "half-right" on this one.  Read more after the break.

Any numbnuts with decent vision or sense of smell can tell that the old police station is falling apart, but the way the city works, they would have to spend about $60 grand for someone to tell them its beyond repair before they start working on a new one.  There's an old saying for this, "how long does it take for you to look at a hot horseshoe"?  That $60 grand could be applied towards a better building instead of just being thrown away in some effort to make the transition politically correct.   Of course the company during the survey would also make recommendations about whats needed in a new building, but how about we just get somebody with a pad of paper to talk to the cops?

Think about this, now that we have a new animal shelter, we treat cops worse than dogs.  Maybe the cops will be a bit friendlier to you if they don't have to work in a cramped, asbestos and mold filled workspace.

I know I'm trying to fight a losing battle, trying to insert some logic into politics, but I just feel like I have to try.