Lubbock will try an older-than-the-hills approach to curbing prostitution-publishing the photos of the 'johns'.  I guess they're think they're going to shame the men into not using prostitutes, but c'mon, really?  Prostitution has been going on since the beginning of time and I don't think the men are doing anything wrong.  More after the jump.


You are not truly free. You are constantly being told otherwise, but it's a lie.  If you are not free to do whatever you want with your personal property, your body, you are not free. You can't sell your organs, what you can put in your body is legislated, and the government even forces you to protect yourself when driving by making you strap yourself in.

The men who use prostitutes are at least, in theory, taking care of their urges in a some what responsible manner. They aren't raping, they aren't molesting, they are paying a consenting adult for 'services'.  There are going to always be abuses and exceptions, but hiring a prostitute that is working of his or her freewill is better than a lot of the alternatives.  Yes there's disease, yes there is violence, but a lot of that can be traced back to the fact that this 'business' has been forced underground and is not regulated in any way.

I am in no way an expert on this topic.  My only facts are, it's not going to stop and . relieving urges with the help of a professional may lead to less sexual violence against others.  So in conclusion, I encourage you to NOT participate in the humiliation of these men. I'm sure one of the news stations will take the low road and try to parade this sleaze across your t.v. screen.  Don't be a part of it.