Now, the story can be told.  We've had two major shows hit the skids.  One was a national tour that got the official cancellation today, the other was going to be a *new* signature event.  Can you handle find out what you're going to miss?  If so, click through.

Today, Lamb Of God official announced it would cancel it's U.S. tour (featuring Dethclock & Gojira).  Lead singer Randy Blythe still sits in a Czech jail on a bogus manslaughter charge.  I hate to tell you, but that show was tentatively scheduled for Lubbock. This would have been the slightly renamed "Bloody Holiday Festival" show.

The next show would have brought 2012 to an epic end.  I can even tell you the show date for this one, it would have been October 5th.  The event was going to take on the name "FMX's Monsters Ball".  On the show WAS Stone Sour, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Hellyeah and 10 years. This one went sideways due to poor timing.  Both Stone Sour's and Papa Roach's records got pushed back and they will not be ready to hit the road in time to honor these shows.  They still may or may not be on the road then, but they may have to shift earlier commitments to this time frame, or they may not be ready to play any dates.  This was going to be a show exclusive to Lubbock, meaning this would have been the only place that these bands played in this configuration. It wasn't a tour, but rather a bunch of bands that were in the area at the time being brought together in the Hub.

You may sit in a corner and sob now.

It's always possible that we may see a few of these bands trickle by in these time frames or they may rebook in 2013.  Right now we're starting to think that the next major show may not be until the next FMX Birthday Bash in February or March.

All of this makes it more important that you stock up on rock at the "Carnival Of Madness" August 17th at the Lonestar Amphitheater.  We'll be rockin' with Evanescence, Chevelle, Halestorm, Cavo, New Medicine and more.  Tickets are available at