Lubbock was in a hell of mess before Tom Mayor took over.  The mayor before him was nuttier than an elephant turd and Lubbock was a sinking ship.  Tom Martin righted that ship and kept it going forward at a steady pace.  These are days of change though and people all over are in a mood for new leadership, sometimes at the expense of great leaders.  So now we welcome Glen  Robertson to the office, there's just one problem...we have no idea what this guy wants to accomplish.  More after the jump.

Mayor Robertson will have the usual challenges when he steps into Tom Martins shoes.  He ran saying he was hoping for more 'honesty and transparency' in government, but as far as I know, there really wasn't anything wrong.  I will say that Mayor Robertson seems like his heart is in the right place and I believe in giving him our full support.

With all of this out of the way, I hope that Mayor Robertson will stand for progress alongside austerity. It's time to save money, but it's also time to plan for the future.

I was trying to think of what I actually would have the mayor focus on and there are two things that came to mind. First off, steps need to be taken to control the direction of growth of the city.  Right now the city is rushing headlong towards Wolforth.  When people  would have lived in Lubbock cross that invisible line to live or shop it doesn't help Lubbock.  Money spent in the South West also means that the other areas of town start to decline.  In short, we should spend to keep up existing infrastructure, instead of just building new stuff.  The other thing I'd like to see is more, or improved "public areas".  We need more useful and up to date parks, bigger better pools and more things for kids and families to enjoy.  These types of things are usually the first things cut when budget trimming.  Myself, I think there are always areas that can be trimmed so we could afford growth elsewhere.

So that's just a couple points I'd put on the table if I had the chance.  The point is, change has come to Lubbock leadership, let's all hope it leads to a better, friendlier Lubbock.