I don't like stuff just because it's mainstream or just because it fits certain specifications.  To me, a good song is a good song. I think the latest from Machinehead is a good song.  More after the jump.


Machinehead's "Darkness Within" is a GREAT song.  Proof of it is it's undeniable longevity. The song and/or video were actually release around August of last year but now the song is breaking through to radio. Now, this is not the exact version you're going to hear on the radio. Even the record company knew they had to trim this seven minutes down to make it a little more 'radio friendly'.  The radio version clocks in under five minutes and really nails the essence of the band without the excesses that some metal songs are known for.

Yeah, this may be a little more in the vein of Five Finger Death Punch than some of you harder metal types would like, but that's the point. This band deserves to be playing big outdoor shows instead of stinky little clubs and this song is the one they're betting on.  BTW-Machinehead is rumored to be the opener for this years Mayhemfest!

The video is EPIC and deserves at least one watching. Careful, it's a little brutal and more than a little gross.