I'm not one of those knuckleheads that thinks you only listen to rock.  We all have a few outside interests. If one of yours is hardcore or hip-hop, then I really strongly recommend this guy.

Madmouth advertises himself as Lubbock's "only metal rapper" and for good reason. This guy hits it HARD. Besides his awesome writing and performing skills, I can tell you that he is a genuinely good dude who works hard to support local music on all levels.

Madmouth will be at the Depot District O' Bar tonight. The first 20 get a free t-shirt and the first 50 get a free c.d. with their paid admission. The doors open at eight. Yessi and Ellis Islez will open. All you have to is follow the giant spotlight to the Depot District tonight.

Our recommendation is go get tuned up with Rooster tonight at Jake's, then drop by the O' Bar and show this guy a little love.

Here's Madmouth's video with Micheal Tullis of The Uprising.