It's hard to believe it's already Thanksgiving! It seems like it was just a few short days ago, I was at the fair taking in all my favorite once a year treats, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Granted, that same week I had to break out jeans and a hoodie, but this is Lubbock and that could happen in the middle of July just as easily as it does any other time of year.

With the holiday season upon us it made me stop and think about things I am truly thankful for, and besides family, health and friends, I can't help but stop and give thanks for all the men and women serving out great country so the rest of us can sit around and stuff ourselves for days.

So, in honor of the troops over seas I decided to throw in a special tribute to modern day American and add some good ole' fried foods to the usual Thanksgiving day fare.

So, as you and your loved ones sit around your table remember to give thanks for each and every man and woman serving our country. And as you eat leftovers and watch football keep in mind it is because of them that you are able to relax and enjoy many of the privileges.

Happy Thanksgiving!