I have been having an on going battle with myself on just how far to push my boss Wes Nessman when it comes to either smack talking him or hacking his Facebook.

Now lets look at Wes Nessman he can obviously take whatever I throw at him and when it comes to just making noise to bother him. I usually try to come once a week in the morning some time so we can go over whatever is going on. So I try to say really dumb so stuff to just get under his nerves and I post videos to my Instagram to show everyone just how I try to make Wes mad.

But he has recently opened a new can of worms in which I left my Facebook open and he posted on my Facebook some pretty funny stuff. But know here is the kicker, I have had the opportunity to post on his Facebook a few times and yes I will admit I have just walked away because not only is he the boss BUT I'm just a little worried of what his reaction would be!

Now there are other things that I have done just to be annoying to him. Like today I posted a video to my Facebook of myself and Driver showing everybody that there isn't a kitty calender in our FMX jock room. Now I know that he has one and he had one in the jock room but when he posted his rant about being a jerk, that's when I wanted to show that there wasn't one. Now I know it may not sound like a big deal but it's the little things that I do just to get under his skin.

I'm pretty sure that this calender will be put in the jock room by tomorrow. Which isn't a bad thing I have a cat of my own. I could have a calender of my own but that is a different story.

I guess will just have to see how far I can push the boss before he really gets mad!

Checkout my Instagram videos here to see how I try to get under Wes's skin.

Checkout the video on Facebook here of the missing kitty calender.