Parents expect to hear outrageous stories from their childrn to explain how things get broken, eye brows get shaved off, or dishes get left in the living room.Generally we expect out and out lies to explain bad behavior to disappear as a child grows up and matures, this however does not seem to be the case with 41 year old (yes I said 41) Michael West of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

This "ghost story" begins with police responding to a call of domestic violence to West's residence. When they got there they found West's wife Rebecca bleeding from her nose and crying.

Her version of what happened was that her husband punched her in the face as they argued over finacial matters.

At first when questioned about what happened to his wife, West reported that his wife had fallen several times and injured her face.

Finally police asked him how she had gotten marks all over her neck and he responded... "a ghost did it."

What an "A" HOLE!