How far would you go to show a friend what they mean to you? Most of us say we will do anything for our friends. We try to be there for them when they are down and going through hard times, or there with them to celebrate the good times in life. We are there to just go through the ho hum everyday task of life. To us these things all represent friendship and show how much the people in our lives mean to us, but what about in death? How far are you willing to go to honor a friend after they are dead?

Check this out, a dude named Zeli Rossi from Brazil and his best friend made each other a promise that whoever died first would buy the other a coffin. It's sort of a morbid promise, but OK?! In 1983 the friend mistakenly thought Rossi had died in a car accident so he honored their promise and went out and bought the dude a coffin.

Imagine his surprise when he found out his best friend was still alive and kicking. I wonder what the return policy is on a coffin.

Anyway, Rossi's friend ended up dying first so Rossi honored his promise, bought the dude a new coffin (apparently his friend didn't want to buried in the coffin he bought for Rossi) and now every Friday, night to honor his dead friend, Rossi gives up his bed and sleeps in the coffin his friend bought for HIM back in 1983.

Now that is what I call a friendship that will never die...