Loud Magazine conducted an interview with front woman Maria Brink of the band In This Moment to talk about the band's new album.

I am very excited to know that there will be new music from In This Moment due out this year. Even though we have to wait until August, I know that this album will be awesome.

When I read this interview I got really excited when Maria stated that this will be the band's darkest album that they have done.

Maria Brink:

Yeah, I think it's going to be late August, so that's what I think's gonna happen. That gives us time to set it up right, set up the work system, the photo shoots, video shoots, all of that stuff. We didn't want to rush it; we wanted to make sure everything was strategically done, in the right way. So August seemed to make sense. I wish I could reveal the album title (laughs), we have to hold it for like three more weeks, but I wish I could tell you. I guess I can say this is definitely the darkest album In This Moment has ever done. There's a lot more dark, kind of, if you had to pick colours, just dark, crimson reds and blacks. It has this whole new thing, so I guess I could say that.

Check out the full interview here from Loud Magazine.